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Happy Frenchies make great pets.



Health is very important to me and comes first.  I have always made sure to learn every possible health issue that affects the animals I own.  Testing, testing, testing...


While walking through life you must have integrity with friends and in business. People must be able to trust you and have confidence in you.  Your integrity and word matter.Very important.




My vision for my kennel is to make sure my Frenchies are happy and healthy. It is very important to maintain a proper life style for animals that I am responsible for. I cannot imagine anything less.


Is a Frenchie right for you?  These little clowns are very enchanting and will steal your heart.  They absolutely LOVE their family and are very devoted.  They love to be close to you, follow you and interact with you.  The Frenchie thinks play time is any time.  WIth that said they do sometime have the bulldog stubborn streak.  If you plan on extensive training start it early in puppyhood.  Don't wait and be absolutely consistent when potty training.  My Frenchies have all been potty trained by 15 weeks of age.  They are known to be difficult to potty train but I personally have not experienced that.





Frenchies being a brachycephalic (flat-faced) can have difficulty breathing.  They can have elongated soft palate, narrow nasal passage, and laryngeal collapse. They cannot tolerate heat and must not ever be left alone outside in the heat. If they start to experience labored breathing, coughing up foam  or strange noises then take to the vet for an exam.  Frenchies sometime require surgery to eliminate these problems.  Frenchies are an in-door dog.  They should never be left outside or in a garage.


There are other possible problems with spinal malformations and intervertebral disc disease. There can also be eye problems and bladder stones.  Most of these can be DNA tested for.


Be sure to find a reputable breeder.


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